Do I need to register a business name as well as a company name?

If you intend to trade under your company name without the legal element (Pty Ltd) then the name must be registered as a business name.
For example, Paul's Plumbing Pty Ltd trading as Paul's Plumbing, must register the latter in order to trade without the legal element/suffix.

*Registration of a company name does not entitle you to use of the business name variation.

If you intend to trade under a name that differs from your registered company name then you will need to register a separate business name.
For example, Paul’s Plumbing Pty Ltd trading as Sydney Plumbing Services, must register the latter as an associated business name.


EasyCompanies also offers a business name registration service. Simply log into your account on our website to begin your application. You will have the option to register your business name for 1 year ($59) or 3 years ($109) before renewal

This information is of a general nature only and does not constitute professional advice. You must seek professional advice in relation to your particular circumstances before acting.

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